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SHG e-bookkeeping System using Tablet PC
As part of Umed- MSRLM Annual Action Plan 2014-15 a pilot of Tablet based SHG e-bookkeeping system developed by Leaps and Bounds, Pune is planned with an objective to evaluate the utility and suitability of the solution for maintaining details of transactions performed at VOs and SHG. The purpose is to improve the accuracy of data collection by providing an easily accessible solution and easing the process of data monitoring and analysis. For thepilot three blocks Deoli, Wardha and Seloo of Wardha district were selected with 2000 functional SHGs federated under 176 Village Organisations (VOs).

Leaps and Bounds provides a SHG Accounting and MIS system using tablet PC which is a multilingual, web based software solution developed to be used on a Tablet PC, making it easy & user-friendly for SHGs. It also addresses the issue of lack of infrastructure, makes power shortage problems redundant, and is cost effectiveness. The software has “Online” web based solution which can be accessed anywhere from web and an “Offline” version which is accessed from handheld device and does not need any internet connectivity. ‘Offline-online’ mode gives functional capacity in remote areas where internet connectivity is unavailable. The software has ‘Indian language interface’ which enables usage of system directly by SHGs in their own language. ‘Accounting’ part helps in record keeping and imparting financial literacy to SHGs at their level where as ‘MIS’ empowers other stake holders like project staff, CBO stakeholders, management and Banks in maintaining information and monitoring the project status.

The transaction based “offline” software application can be accessed using a tablet or a handheld device on which the application is installed and one time master data of VO and related SHGs is downloaded. The tablet application is accessed using a login credentials and is used for entering the financial transactions like SHG and member loan details, RF, CIF, Bank loan details, repayment details, proceedings of the meetings, trainings required and attended by members and VO loan transactions. Data can be entered by VO Accountant during the VO meetings at the village level through tablets to include all financial transactions completed till then. SHGs bring the hard copy of books of records and one page SHG monthly report “Massnivedika” which is primary source of information. Once the data is entered in the tablet, it can be uploaded to the server as per convenience and access to internet through mobile data or Wifi internet. In absence of mobile internet, the data can be transferred to the desktop machine with internet and uploaded from there to the server.

Upon successful data upload, sms notification is sent to SHG members with their SHG account updates. SMS and email alerts can also be added for status monitoring, exceptional cases etc.

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